First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

I want to close Sequoia Healthcare District.  That is why I am running for Director.  The District was formed to build and run Sequoia Hospital.  Now the Board has sold the Hospital, but has gone right on collecting the taxes!  They got $11,000,000 last year.

Diverting the millions of dollars intended to subsidize Sequoia Hospital is bad enough,  but the Board also contrived a profit-sharing agreement as part of the transfer, the EBIDA.  Under this contract, the non-profit charity running Sequoia Hospital has to pay the Board, as if they were making a profit.  So SHD has gone from subsidizing a hospital to lower the cost of hospital care,  to extracting its own profit from the high cost of hospital care.

Vote for Harland Harrison and Lois Garcia for Sequoia Healthcare District.  Together with 14-year-elected Director Jack Hickey,  we can put an end to this.


Author: Harland Harrison

Elect Harland Harrison to Sequoia Healthcare District Board.

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