I want to close Sequoia Healthcare District, so I am running for the Board.  Please vote for me, Harland Harrison, and for Jack Hickey, and Art Kiesel.

The District was originally created to build and run Sequoia Hospital.   Now the Board has sold the Hospital — but they go right on collecting the taxes!  They diverted $15,800,000 last year, money that would have gone to schools, cities, fire, and needed services, if this obsolete District did not exist.

Director Jack Hickey has been the only director on the Board who is working to change this. If you elect Art Kiesel, Jack Hickey, and Harland Harrison as Sequoia Healthcare District Directors,  the three of us will form a majority on the Board.  Together,  we can put an end to the waste and misuse.

A majority can stop collecting the $11,000,000 in taxes and stop many other abuses.  The Board is paying $250,000 per year to a CEO.  The CEO no longer has a hospital to manage, and the District has only 4 or 5 employees.   The District has invested in a profit-sharing agreement with Dignity Health, the “EBIDA” .   But Dignity Health is a non-profit and the EBIDA actually takes money out of the hospital which the District originally subsidized.

To justify its existence,  the Board does make grants to various charities.  Many are very worthy causes, but the District is forced to leave out some of the people most in need.  District money should be spent within the District. That is certainly appropriate for tax money.  But the District includes some of the wealthier parts of San Mateo County, Portola Valley and Atherton, and excludes the less wealthy communities,  like the agricultural workers along the coast and the low-income areas East of 101 and EPA. The District was never designed as a charity and cannot possibly do that job well.

Please vote for Harland Harrison for Sequoia Healthcare District